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                ADD:NO.128,West Renmin road,Hengshui city,Hebei,China
                Home > Organic Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder

                Organic Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder

                Trademark: chunming
                Certification: Adopt to the certification of “OCD”in china, “JAS”in Japan
                N.W: 3.3g×4bag
                Component:  organic young buckwheat powder
                Recommendation: Twice a day, a pouch once, drink with an empty stomach after putting some warm water(below 40℃ ) and mixing them evenly.
                Storage condition: keep in a dry and cool place, avoiding to be affected with damp
                Sanitation licence code: Heng Health License NO.(2006)-0110
                Food production licence code: SC11613110200015
                Perform standard: GB/T 29602-2013
                Shelf life: 18 months
                Manufacturer: Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink CO.,LTD.
                Address: 128,West Renmin Road,Hengshui City,Hebei,China
                Tel: 86-318-2665016
                Fax: 86-318-2170061
                E-mail: sales@hsshanzhi.com
                Web: www.ckarlson.com

                OrganicYoung buckwheat Leaves Powder :

                Supplement Facts

                Per 100 grams Supplement Facts Per 100 grams
                Flavone 3180 mg Folic Acid 59ug
                Linoleic acid 31000 mg Vitamin C 49.2mg
                Buckwheatlitol 4.9 mg Vitamin B1 20.6mg
                Fiber 22400 mg Vitamin B2 2.23mg
                quercetin 154 mg Vitamin B6 98.4mg
                SOD 2.0×104Iu Vitamin E 436mg
                Se 0.08 mg Iron 14.80mg
                Mg 1330 mg Zine 2.54mg
                Cr3+ 0.0075mg Calcium 260mg