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                ADD:NO.128,West Renmin road,Hengshui city,Hebei,China
                Home > Young Alfalfa Leaves Powder

                Young Alfalfa Leaves Powder

                Organic young alfalfa leaves powder:

                1,Adopt to base planting the alfalfa leaves as raw material and process rules strictly of international organic authentication.
                2. Pure nature nutriment without garniture.
                3, According to the personal taste , mix and drink with beverages such as milk, fruit juice, etc.,
                4, Having alfalfa peculiar fragrant flavors, simple and convenient, suitable for all kinds of crowds. 
                Drinking method:
                Drink 1-2 times every day, once 3-5g, or add or subtract consumption according to the individual needing.
                1, Wash the cup cleans first.
                2, Quench 150ml cold water or milk into the cup.
                3, Put 3-5g the product.
                4, Tighten the cup, wave to even.
                5, Then quench into glass and drink, if put a few ice cubes, the mouth-feel is better. 
                1, While quenching powder into the glass, should fully stir the ladle evenly, then take.
                2, This product should be taken at once after mixing evenly and not put longer time.
                3,Should put this product into low water at 40 ℃ to drink, please don't put into the hot water directly, so as not to destroy the nutrient component.
                4, Please don't pour powder in the mouth directly, so as not to stop up the throat.

                Trademark: chunming
                Certification: Adopt to the certification of “OCD”in china,“JAS”in Japan


                150g/bag*40/ carton
                Component: organic young alfalfa plant
                Sanitation licence code: Heng Health License NO.(2006)-0110
                Food production licence code: C11613110200015
                Perform standard: GB/T 29602-2013
                Shelf life: 18 months
                Manufacturer:  Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink CO.,LTD.
                Address: 128,West Renmin Road,Hengshui City,Hebei,China
                Tel: 86-318-2665016
                Fax: 86-318-2170061
                E-mail: sales@hsshanzhi.com
                Web: www.ckarlson.com
                Supplement Facts:

                Supplement Facts Per 100 grams Supplement Facts Per 100 grams
                Protein 20.14g Vitamin B6 9.29mg
                Fiber 21.10g Iron 40.78mg
                Total sugars 2.98g Zine 15.14mg
                Total carotene 25.20mg Calcium 1754mg
                Vitamin C 11.70mg Potassium 2049mg
                Vitamin B1 0.20mg Phosphorus 203.9mg
                Vitamin B2 1.05mg Magnesium 287.8mg
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