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    Organic Scholartree Fruits Tea
    The “Chunming”Chinese Scholartree fruit tea is made mainly by Sophorae Japonica L .And it is a kind ingredient of pure natural solid healthy food with science-based formula. It has the function of clearing heat and cooling blood and smoothing the intestines and stools.
    Features and functions:
    The color and distinctive smell is just like coffee but without caffeine at all which the customers praise it as “Chinese Coffee”. Drinking with boiled water or cool water. It can be also widely used in health raw materials, functional additive and colorant; It can also be developed into health food, nutrition immunity products, functional health products,health juice beverage and biologic health products etc.
    Main ingredient:
    Sophorae beans,Red date
    Preservation method:
    Please keep the product in normal temperature generally.Open and drink and no influence to its health effects when it is in bond condition.
    Certificate of Invention:
    A kind of technology on tea making with fructus sophorae,patent No.:87107111.8
    A kind of health food making with fructus sophorae, patent No.: ZL9800318.4
     Certificate of Health Product:
    Approved by Public Health Ministry,P.R.China as "New Food Resource"---No.WXSZZ(91)-001
    Approved by Public Health Ministry P.R.China as "Health"food for adjusting blood fat WSJZ [1998]No.170 and smoothing the intestines and stools WSJZ(1998)No.0170.

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