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                Organic Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder

                Trademark: chunming
                Certification: Adopt to the certification of “COFCC”in china,“JAS”in Japan


                Component: 100% organic young buckwheat powder
                Recommendation: Twice a day, a pouch once, drink with an empty stomach after putting some warm water(below 40℃ ) and mixing them evenly.
                Storage condition:

                keep in a dry and cool place, avoiding to be affected with damp

                Sanitation licence code: Heng Health License NO.(2006)-0110
                Food production licence code: QS1311 0601 0068
                Perform standard: Q/HSZJ07-2008
                Shelf life: 18 months
                Manufacturer: Joint Venture Hebei Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink CO.,LTD.
                Address: 128,West Renmin Road,Hengshui City,Hebei,China
                Tel: 86-318-2665016
                Fax: 86-318-2170061
                E-mail: sales@hsshanzhi.com
                Web: www.ckarlson.com

                OrganicYoung buckwheat Leaves Powder :

                Supplement Facts Per 100 grams Supplement Facts Per 100 grams
                Flavone 3180 mg Folic Acid 59ug
                Linoleic acid 31000 mg Vitamin C 49.2mg
                Buckwheatlitol 4.9 mg Vitamin B1 20.6mg
                Fiber 22400 mg Vitamin B2 2.23mg
                quercetin 154 mg Vitamin B6 98.4mg
                SOD 2.0×104Iu Vitamin E 436mg
                Se 0.08 mg Iron 14.80mg
                Mg 1330 mg Zine 2.54mg
                Cr3+ 0.0075mg Calcium 260mg

                Young Buckwheat Leaves Ingredients and Effects:
                Flavone The special flavone chemical compounds rutin in the young buckwheat leaves can affect the affinity of the trypsin, and have marked effects on reducing blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar. Also, it can maintain blood capillaries open and smooth
                Linoleic acid It can synthesize arachidonic acid, which can reduce blood fat. Recently, the England scholars found that the r- linoleic acid had an effect on curing diabetes
                Buckwheatlitol It can change into the D-Chiro-Inositol, which can heighten the sensibility of the trypsin, thus can reduce blood fat and blood sugar in human body.
                Fiber It is composed by pectin and viscosity, and has a marked effect on preventing and curing diabetes and high blood fat
                Quercetin Quercetin has the wide effect on pharmacology, antioxidation and clear oxiredical.reducing in blood pressure, in Myocardial ischemia reaffuse hurts . and have the function of immunoenhancement and the effect of against cancer, antibiotic ,and ease pain.
                SOD Superoxide dismutase(SOD) play a positive role in enhancing immunity regulat ion, anti-aging ,anti-fatigue and promoting microcirculation.
                Microelement Se is a necessary microelement for insulin. The Mg and Cr3+ that contained in the young buckwheat leaves can do contribution in curing diabetes. Especially the Cr3+, which is a kind of good resource for reducing blood sugar, can strengthen the avidity of insulin, quicken the sugar metabolism, expedite the synthesizing between fat and crude protein.